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Ministry To and Through the Coach


Billy Graham once said "A coach will influence more people in a year, than most will in a lifetime." 

So who's coaching the Coach? We are!
 It is our desire to serve, equip and encourage you. 

  • Want to get plugged into a Coaches Huddle?
  • Need a Coaches Bible?
  • Looking for a speaker at your school's huddle?
  • Want to receive training in 3Dimensional Coaching?

Contact our Multi-Area Director - Ryan Johnston to get started at

3Dimensional (3D) Coaching empowers coaches to maximize their influence by creating a strategy for all three levels (body, mind and heart). This enables them to capture the hearts of their athletes and fulfill their transformational purpose.



Our 3Dimensional Coaching workshops are highly customizable to meet the needs of your athletic community.  These workshops are commonly held at:

  • Public/private high schools, middle schools & colleges (professional development/in-service trainings)
  • Sport-specific coaching conventions
  • Athletic Director conventions
  • Youth Sports organizational trainings
  • Coaching clinics of all sorts

 For more info, please contact your
local FCA Staff

Coach Crace