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"As a new coach I am constantly seeking ways to better myself and my program. Learning about the 3D way of coaching has sent me on a learning curve that is both exciting and rewarding. In one years time I have seen my students grow in their skill, their schoolwork, an their faith. Team cohesiveness is the greatest strength on my team due to many of the 3D skills I incorporate into practice and competition."

-Mandy M.

"For me personally, 3D Coaching has given me new confidence about my coaching ability. Coaching the physical dimension is my weak point and has made me feel at times like I'm not a very good coach. I now can see that by striving to be a coach that meets emotional and spiritual needs of kids is equally important to the physical aspect and helps me serve a key role on our staff. Our head coach keeps telling me and the team that the chemistry on our team is so much better this year and I'm hoping that what I bring as a 3D coach has something to do with that. Honestly, I think it does."

-Dave A.

"3D Coaching has taken me to the next level. There was a time when I just coached strategy; I used my players to help me win games. I have evolved as a coach and more importantly, as a father. I'm thankful for the words I have read as well as the conversations we have had in our 3D coaches' group."

-Joe B.

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