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Training Groups

Student-Athletes Training Group: 

The Ascent training plan is focused on helping athletes of every sport become physically powerful, mentally adaptable, and spiritually strong. Our training sessions are preseason and postseason focused, aiming to send every athlete into competition feeling healthy and powerful. 

Each workout with Ascent will be paired with Christ centered Discipleship curriculum that aims to empower athletes to become confidant Christian leaders who are ready to overcome challenges. 

Through this training, they will experience and receive:

Functional strength training

Basic power and plyometric movements

Advanced power and plyometric movements

Advanced running technique  

Versa band core strength

General core/injury prevention 

Agility/multi directional power

Laser timed 40 yd. dash, vertical leap, 5-10-5, etc. 

Sport specific speed and power 

Mental/Game ready coaching

Personal growth tracking 

Video analysis 

FCA Bible

3Dimensional Training curriculum

T-Shirt, Water bottle and Lanyard


Adult Training Group:

Our adult training groups aim to create an environment of commitment and accountability that empowers participants to pursue their health and fitness goals. We believe that by God’s grace we can live victoriously, and in his strength we can overcome every challenge. 

Our workouts and training equipment are adaptable for every person. Our functional training model can help you do everything from getting stronger for everyday life activity, to preparing for athletic competitions.

Small group circuits with High Intensity Interval Training.

Team and partner workouts using sandbags, medicine balls, and function strength training implement.

User friendly equipment, fitting the need of everyone from the beginner to the competitive athlete.

  Inviting, encouraging, positive, and uplifting.

  Overcoming challenges, pursuing goals, fighting together.

  Holding each other accountable, believing that Christ gives us the power to see physical, mental, and spiritual victory.

  Discussion based devotional curriculum with scripture reading and prayer.

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