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After-School Training

As an extension of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, we provide free speed and power training for off-season athletes after school. Our goal is to serve coaches and athletes by providing an elite level of training that develops the whole athlete in body, mind, and spirit. Our after-school programs are open to all students. At each workout, we offer an optional student led faith-based discussion time. 

We bring former collegiate athletes, experienced coaches, and a whole mobile gym to each campus. All we need is a location to train. Students learn and focus on technical, agility movements such as squats, lateral movements, change of direction, and running form. Then, we put it into practice in challenging, fun activities that stretch athletes mentally and physically.


Cascade High School
Resuming Fall 2019
Judson Middle School

If you would like Ascent Speed & Power to train athletes at your school, please contact Greyson Kilgore at

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