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Start a Huddle


Coaches and Athletes Lead - Direction Matters.

We are in the business of training leaders and we believe that together,
 we can change the culture of every school through the leadership of coaches and athletes.

Huddles show us the power of the circle. 

Why do we do Huddles?

 Starting a Huddle


Ready to learn more about impacting your campus for Christ? As you all meet in your huddles, there is a lot of freedom in how you use your time! However there are a few things that are crucial to the success of your huddle:

1) To start a Huddle on your campus, you should have:

  • Coach/Huddle Coach*
  • Youth Pastor
  • Classroom (huddles typically meet either before school in the morning or during the lunch period)
  • 3-4 Student-Athlete Leaders

*Every Huddle must have all adult leaders complete a Ministry Leader Application (MLA). 

2) When you've assembled your team, contact your local FCA staff!  

We want to engage, equip, empower and certify your Huddle as officially part of FCA's ministry.  Scroll through our area pages to find your local contact.

3) Every time you meet, we expect your Huddle to:

  • Get in the Bible Together
    At every Huddle, we should be in the Word, examining a verse, a story or a passage 
  • Pray Together
    Huddles get the opportunity to stand and support each other as we go through life

  • Keep it Athletic
    FCA is not just another Bible Study or Youth Group - it's specifically for athletes and everything we do should relate back to sports

  • Use the FCA Resources
    There are Huddle Outlines for you to engage, equip and empower you to lead and you can find them on our Huddle Resource Page  

We are excited to see the stories God is writing at your schools!  
 Be sure to share with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - we're in this together.


As FCA Staff, we are on your team! How do we support you?

  • Staff Support
    Need a guest speaker? Training for leaders? Want to start a Coaches Huddle? Let us know! 
  • | amazing website with great huddle support
    - Daily Devotionals for athletes with discussion questions already prepped
    - Video Testimonies from collegiate and professional athletes
    - Resources divided by theme for easy search and use
    - Athletes Bibles or Sport New Testaments for your huddle
    - Fields of Faith promotional materials 
  • Prayer
    Let us know how we can be praying for you, personally and also for your campus huddle 
  • Coaches Spotlight
    We want to highlight our outstanding coaches and huddle leaders! If you have a story about your
    coach, let us know and we'll share it in our newsletter and social media
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