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Huddle Resources

We are excited to support your Huddle with the following resources, let us know how else we can better serve you!

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Series 1

"Be with Jesus"


It Is Finished: "It is finished." These are incredibly significant words - perhaps the most significant in Jesus' whole life.

Amazing Grace: If you've ever received a gift with no strings attached, then you understand something about God. God is a generous, giving God - a God of grace.

Driven by Good: Why pursue God? The first and most basic reason is that it leads to the "good life" - a life of joy, freedom and satisfaction.

How Can I Know God's Will: How can you be certain that you're doing exactly what God wants you to do on a daily basis?

Taking Your Faith To The Next Level: God calls us to live a life that makes Jesus famous. That means learning to honor God every day.

Live Worthy of the Gospel: Can we ever truly live lives worthy of the message of Jesus?

Series 2

"Be like Jesus"


When Sin Looks More Enjoyable Than God: Sometimes the pull of sin is so strong that we find ourselves giving in to temptation instead of honoring God - even though in our heart of hearts we know better.

Christians Frontin': Learning to be real with people: As human beings we have a tendency to want to paint a better picture of ourselves to others.

5 Steps For Wise Decision Making: Have you ever been faced with a decision in which you find yourself lost? You do not know which path to take or choice to make, and you may even wish someone else could make that decision for you. Bible Munich describes a five step decision making process that will help you make the right decisions biblically.

Say No To Peer Pressure: Peer pressure is an inevitability. We will face it in many stages of our lives and especially in our youth.

5 Steps for Choking Out Temptation In Your Life: Every man faces temptation. No exceptions. And if you're a follower of Jesus, you have the ability to deal with it in a godly way, just like Jesus did. Let's talk about how to do that. But first let's talk about where it comes from.

Redefining Humility in the Life of a Christian Athlete: Christian athletes, regardless of their skills on the court or the field, are called to humility. 

Series 3

"Do what Jesus did"


What Do I Say To My Friend Who Keeps On Sinning? As Christians our role is to help friends walk toward Jesus as we are walking toward Jesus, even through tough stuff.

How To Overcome Teen Anxiety And Depression: Anxiety is fear of everything - coming to Jesus is an important step in the direction of healing and wholeness.

How Far Is Too Far In A Dating Relationship? (Led By Guest Speaker/Adult): High School

Before You Date, Be Content With Your Life: Middle School

Does God Give Me More Than I Can Handle? Is the statement "God doesn't give us more than we can handle" true?

Does God Really Have A Plan For My Life? Jeremiah promises that God has a plan but is that really true for us today?

Are You Becoming The Person You Want To Be? How do you become the person you actually want to be? 

Series 4


Why Make Disciples: Why should we help other people pursue God?

Being Relationally Intentional As A Christian Athlete: When college athlete are recruited, the program is incredibly intentional about the relationship. Christian athletes should view teammates the same way.

How To Share Your Faith With Your Friends: As our lives are changed by jesus and we live differently, God will provide opportunities to share how Jesus is changing our lives and wants to change others.

Spiritual Conversation Starters: Ask questions about a friend's worldview, personal questions about their life and even ask questions about religion to get your friends thinking.

Worshipping Full Circle: As you seek to help others pursue God, three basic truths will give you a clear, well-defined way to think about how to help others live the Christian life.

What Are You Living For: Have you ever thought about how small our lives are in the expanse of eternity? Life is short and we should make it count.