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Ascent: Games Summer Training

You can do a speed and agility drill 100 times but can you perform it in a game? We don’t want to torture athletes with endless drill repetition. Instead we teach and focus on mechanics of movement and technique in a few drills, then apply the skills through dynamic competition. The best way to prepare for performance in a sport is to train with intensity in practice. In the same way, Ascent Games gives athletes a way to directly apply speed and agility technique at a game pace. 

Unleash your speed and agility skills in games like ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, castle ball, fleet, team obstacle battle, and more.

July 9-August 8
Tuesdays-Thursdays | 6:00-8:00p
Location: TBD

Pre-Registration: $80 for 5 weeks
Daily Drop in Rate: $10
Incoming 8th-12th graders