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Board setup

A Leadership Board is a group of men and women from the community who are dedicated to seeing the ministry of FCA grow and become sustainable in their area.  

Our goal is to have a Leadership Board from each of our areas across Western Oregon, to surround and support our Area Directors and Area Reps. If you are interested in serving on a Leadership Board, let us know and we will put you in contact with your local FCA Staff.

Western Oregon Executive Board

Board Chair: Bryan Wiepert

Terry Bittner
 Kevin Cady
 Neil Lomax
 Brad Johnston

Westside North Leadership Board

Todd Humphries
Carl & Angela Nicolson
Chandler Wilson

Cowlitz County Leadership Board

Dave Andrew
Joe and Kari Bair
Crystal Davis
Jim Debruler
Marlise Flanagan 

Eastside Leadership Board

Garet & Jennifer Luebbert
Scott Kirkland
Mark & Donna Harris

Westside South 
Leadership Board

Board Chair: Tony Wilson
Sharon Fox 
John Fox 
Brice Sykes 
Nathan Pogue 

Urban Core Leadership Board

Brad Jaramillo
Jim & Maria Cheadle
 Darrell & Kristine Grenz
 Chad Niewendorp




Greater Salem Leadership Board

Joe Broeker
Dan Farrington
Rick Schaefer